Institutional Investors

Gilman Law LLP is committed to protecting and defending the rights of institutional investors across the United States and abroad. Our clients have included public state, county and municipal pension funds, employer pension funds and entities, municipalities, colleges, asset managers, union funds, colleges, universities and financial institutions. The firm litigates claims on behalf of institutional investors to recover their losses. Institutional investors further the necessary goal of ensuring the integrity of the markets and enforcing corporate governance, including through shareholder lawsuits and other important action. Our firm is experienced in representing institutional investors in cases ranging from securities fraud class actions to individual cases and arbitration proceedings. Since many claims involve highly complex financial instruments, our firm works closely with the top experts in the financial markets and specific industries to assist institutional investors and provides personal service through a wide range of activities.

Legal Help for Institutional Investors Securities Fraud

Gilman Law LLP is a prestigious national securities fraud law firm and is here to help you recover damages for your institutional investors securities fraud claim. For a FREE evaluation of securities fraud case, please fill out our online form, or if you need to speak to one of our national institutional investors securities fraud claim lawyers immediately, CALL TOLL FREE (1-888-252-0048) today.